KAZAK: kazak in Berlin

We are happy to announce that we will perform our second part of the trilogy  KAZAK: kazak in Berlin.  June 22, in Studio 1 at Ufer Studios at 20:00.  To reserve a ticket please send an an e-mail to annette@noncompany.no.

KAZAK: kazak
In autumn 2013 the NONcompany took an expedition to Canada, as a continuation of our research through the worlds’ biggest biome on land: the taiga. We followed the Yukon River, as the gold diggers did before us more than a hundred years ago. Our aim was not to search for gold, but to explore an area where people came, took what they could find and left again. An area with more bears than people and with the freshest air in the world. The wilderness. We brought some of it´s soul back  and into the theatre.

KAZAK: kazak is the second part of the triology KAZAK, an old Russian word for vagabond. It is an auditive and visual composition that plays with levels of perspectives. Film, live performed music and theatre blend in to one and other in this poetical performance with surprisingly serious undertones.

Date: June 22, 2015
Time: 20.00
Location: Uferstudios Berlin