Opening night MAKT – an amateur night at Capitol Hill

Our brand new performance has its opening night the 17th of january 2020 at Rosendal Teater in Trondheim.

Photo: Sune Shcelderup

Performances at Rosendal Teater:

17 January at 20:00

18 January at 19:00

The performance is made by NONcompany. With Lise Risom Olsen (actor and text), Christoph Buchegger (director and dramaturgy), Phillip Hohenwarter (video design), Sune Schjelderup (light design and sound), Brynjar Vik (video and sound) and producer Tone Myklatun. Guitar by Ben Von Grafenstein.

Co-produced by Rosendal Teater. Supported by BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen Commune, Fond for Lyd og Bilde and Fond for Frilansere.

Work in progress viewing of MAKT – an amateur night at Capitol Hill

On 13th of December at 19:00 NONcompany will do a preview of their new show at WRAP in Bergen, hosted by our co-producer BIT Teatergarasjen.

Lise Risom Olsen and Christoph Buchegger will also talk about the process and let the audience peek into their research material and working methods.

After the preview there will be an artist talk led by Rein Bonus, BIT Teatergarasjen. Lusekatter (the traditional December 13 Saffron buns) will be served. Welcome!

Find more information in BIT’s program

The performance will open at Rosendal Teater in Trondheim, Norway on January 17 2020.

The power project: MAKT -an amateur night at Capitol Hill

Lise Risom Olsen is writing a new play for the company in collaboration with the American / Austrian director Christopher Buchegger. The project is about power,  and deals with the themes of wanting power, taking power, and how power is being distributed and re-distributed.

During our production period in Bergen, December 2019 we will have a work in progress viewing at Wrap on the 13th at 19:00

The project is co-produced by Rosendal Teater in Trondheim (former Teaterhuset Avant Garden) and BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen.  It will have its premiere at Rosendal Teater 17 January 2020.

More information here.

NONcompany in residency at Arts Printing House in Vilnius

From February 28th to March 7th NONcompany is in a residency at the Arts Printing House in Vilnius.

We are having a one week text laboratory where we test out, work with adaptions of material, do artistic research and write for our new project with the working title “Makt” (power). For this process NONcompany has joined forces with the Austrian actress Anna Rot and the German filmmaker and author Ben Von Grafenstein.




NONcompany has started the work with a new production.

Our new project has no title yet, but for the first time in the history of NONcompany we start with a classic. What will be left of it when we reach the end of our process is yet to be found out.

We start the collective work in a ten days residency where we workshop our chosen classical drama, together with other texts with the goal of ending up with the outlay of our own script.

The production will take place in 2018 over two more periods, and hopefully a premiere within the year.

More to come….

Tha taiga trilogy available

After a long journey around the worlds taiga, which led to three performances, one intermezzo, a punk band and a short film, we take a little break from producing in 2016. All of the performances in the trilogy KAZAK is available for performances.

Please contact our producer Tone for more information.


One of all the things we found in the forest.








KAZAK: widunderbaum opens the METEOR festival in Bergen

15 october NONcompany has the honor of opening the international festival METEOR by BIT Teartergarasjen in Bergen. We do so with our new performance, the third part of our KAZAK trilogy, KAZAK: widunderbaum.

At Studio Bergen 19.30

For more information and tickets, please see:
KAZAK: widunderbaum at METEOR


KAZAK widunderbaum_03

KAZAK: kazak in Berlin

We are happy to announce that we will perform our second part of the trilogy  KAZAK: kazak in Berlin.  June 22, in Studio 1 at Ufer Studios at 20:00.  To reserve a ticket please send an an e-mail to

KAZAK: kazak
In autumn 2013 the NONcompany took an expedition to Canada, as a continuation of our research through the worlds’ biggest biome on land: the taiga. We followed the Yukon River, as the gold diggers did before us more than a hundred years ago. Our aim was not to search for gold, but to explore an area where people came, took what they could find and left again. An area with more bears than people and with the freshest air in the world. The wilderness. We brought some of it´s soul back  and into the theatre.

KAZAK: kazak is the second part of the triology KAZAK, an old Russian word for vagabond. It is an auditive and visual composition that plays with levels of perspectives. Film, live performed music and theatre blend in to one and other in this poetical performance with surprisingly serious undertones.

Date: June 22, 2015
Time: 20.00
Location: Uferstudios Berlin 

KAZAK: widunderbaum opening of two festivals

February 17
We are proud to announce that our new performance KAZAK: widunderbaum will open festival Bastard in Trondheim (31 August – 6 September 2015) as well as festival Meteor in Bergen (15 – 24 October 2015). The first performance at Bastard will also be the premiere of the work.
Information on tickets sale and other will follow later.

Creation of KAZAK: widunderbaum

NONcompany is working on the third performance in the KAZAK trilogy: KAZAK: widunderbaum. This final part will be a visual, musical and figurative performance in the taiga spirit. In this surrealistic theatre-installation-performance we look at the taiga from the final angel; our fantasies. KAZAK’s thematic will here evolve around how belonging can be created and manipulated, evoked or lost.

The company is now experimenting with scenic elements, light and reflections, to try to create a “living” environment around the material. Next steps will be taken in a three week working period at Ufer Studios in Berlin in June.

More about KAZAK: widunderbaum