Cunts Going Knowhere

”Cunts Going Knowhere” is written by Hjørdis Lehre.
The performance was co-produced by BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, and was performed there in February 2002. In March the same year it was performed at Teaterhuset AvantGarden in Trondheim.

“CUNTS GOING KNOWHERE” -a txt for theatre

Imagine these cunts somewhere appropriate. Or even better. Do not imagine. Place these cunts somewhere they fit in.
Imagine as many cunts as you would like to have. Or again even better. Do not imagine. Just get some cunts. I’m sure you know some cunts.
Add a silent one, not to say anything during the show.
Say it. The txt. Say it the way you think it should be said. Or screamed. Or whatever you would like it to be.
(Hjoerdis Lehre)

“Cunts Going Knowhere” is a piece about love and sexuality, and the search for somewhere to belong. To be seen and heard. To obtain knowledge. The frustration of having too many choices and everything or nothing to believe in.

The performance shows the themes from different angles and views, using clichès, sarcasm, criticism, humour and honesty.
In this performance the text is served as dialogues, monologues, poetry and pop songs. It is performed by an actress and a singer. They change between acting, singing, reading and discussing. All in a playful and direct manner.

The performance was well received from both the audience and the press. It was nominated  for “Natt og Dag”s award as best performance in 2002.
The performance is supported by Bergen City Council, department of Art and Culture.

“One cannot speak every fucking language on this earth you know.
One cannot read every book in this world.
One cannot screw every man in the street.
Or wherever you may be.
So there is always doubt.”

The performers and crew:

Hjørdis Lehre – text

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez – music
Musician, singer and writer

Heidi-Marie Vestrheim – performer
Singer/ songwriter

Lise Risom Olsen – performer and staging
Freelance actress and instructor

Elin Cecilie Haugen – instructions
Freelance actress and instructor

Hans J. Skogen – lightdesign
Freelance light and stagetechnician

Lena Lundsten Buchacz – scenography
Interior architecture and spatial design at the Academy of art in Bergen


“A lover. Someone you can love. And that loves you.
A lover that loves you. Someone you can leave.”

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